Active Desktop Recovery Problem and Solution

November 4th, 2006

Featured Computer Tip- (Oriinaly posted on the main page Sept 1st)
Active Desktop Recover Problem and solution
Fixing  the Active Desktop Recovery  Problem

Music of the Month – Saxophone Jazz – Eric Darius

September 15th, 2006

Music Review

 Eric Darius

for September 2006 Eric Darius

Smooth “Saxophone Jazz” tunes by Eric Darius.     A five star Album available is

Just Getting Started

by Eric Darius. Just received my copy from my music of the month club. Every song is soothing relaxing and just what you need to hear. But it’s jazz, so it’s not too relaxing … If you stand up you will want to move to the tunes. It’s a comfortable mood music, sleek and stylish. The CD cover has a picture of Eric Darius with a gentle smile and closed eyes, against a warm read background… a peaceful posture of someone who is definitely comfortable with music. It ’s one of those warm peaceful moods like Noel Pointer’s album cover from the 80’s. You know the look. There are 11 songs on the CD. On the Back cover Eric is photographed holding his Alto Saxophone. Some of the songs are faint reminders of tunes from days gone by. He works well with a variety of musical assemblies and uses different band members on different selections. Musicians that appear / play on the album with Eric Darius are:

Daryl Rahn- drum programming, keyboards 

Ron Rheinhardt- piano solo 

Jeff Lobar

Frank Selman - electric guitar 

Mel Brown

Jay Puente – percussion 

Brian Culbertson

Paul Jackson Jr.  guitar 

Alex Al - bass 

Eric Darius – Alto Saxophone 

Peter Olstad  – trumpet, flugal horn 

Cornelius Mims – bass

Euge Groove – piano, wulterizer, strings,programming 

Oscar Seaton- drums 

Tony Maiden – guitar

Michael Egizi

Nick Milo
Chuck Cymone – keyboards drums

Roberto Valley – bass

Jason Atkins – vocals, fender Rhodes, additional guitar, additional programming

Dave Hooper
- drums

 Mitch Forman – keyboards

Mel Brown – Fender Bass

Nick Lane – trombone

Brandon Fields – saxophone

Ricky Peterson – Hammond B3

Felix D Kat – hi-hat, cymbals, tamborine

Michael Stever – trumpet

Bruce Calloway – baritone saxophone

Bruce Culbertson – Wurlitzer, Keyboards, trombone.drum programming, claps, recording

Micah Otano claps , recording and mixing assistant

Scott Steiner – claps, mixing

Paul Brown

 arada Radio  and     



Game Release – Atlantis Sky Patrol

September 15th, 2006


Game Release

Sept 15th, 2006 The Sequel to Atlantis :

Atlantis Sky Patrols


For downloads of Atlantis Sky Patrol to Download Trial Demo

sky patrol pcgame

Atlantis Sky Patrol: More information


Go to the game page at


Israeli warplanes strike Beirut airport July 13,2006

July 13th, 2006

Israeli warplanes strike Beirut airport July 13,2006. Hezbollah retaliates after TV station hit, 22 civilians said killed in Lebanon:
Israeli aircraft attack Palestinian Foreign Ministry Wed July 12,2006 Gaza Strip- Reuters

Isreali attack Beirut Airport and TV station July 13,2006

PC Games 25 most recent releases – Free Trials 60 minute Demos (July 5th)

July 6th, 2006


Quick Downloads – These links will start the download process for installation.  This will not bring you to any discussion page: 

Chuzzle Deluxe Download     Excellent - 5 Stars   I have Added this to my personal collection

Zoo Vet Download

Clash N Slash: Download

Super Collapse 3 Download    Excellent 5 Stars I have added this to my personal collection

ThwartPoker Download

Shopmania Download

Microblots Download

Poker Pop Download

Mah-Jomino Download

The Apprentice Download

Drop ‘Em Deluxe Download

Cubozoid Download

Puppy Luv Download

Elite Mahjong Download

Jam XM Download

Teddy Factory Download

Tiny Worlds Download

Kenny’s Adventure Download

Crusaders of Space 2 Download

Druid’s Battle of Magic Download

Caribbean Mah Jong Download

Saints & Sinners Bingo Download

Glyph Download   Excellent – (I was a beta tester for  this one so I can’t tell you more)  Just try it

Poppit To Go Download

Word Whomp To Go Download

Da Vinci’s Secret Download – You know you are interested – right?  Try it.


Reviews by Debra Ford can be found at debwebgame blog You can expect many of these titles to be added to the reviews this month

 Already posted at the 360 blog include :



In order to simplify the DEBWEB for debraford123’s game news, the decision has been made to dedicate this debwebgame blog totally to Games and Game Reviews.  Game reviews may periodically appear at some of my other blogs, but the only topic here will be games. This blog will be eventually imported into the main site for

  DEBWEBGAMES everyone will be able to get all the game reviews. Whether they visit the main site or prefer to stay on their local  networks. The is the initial launch has been followed with updates throughout the week and will continue until all past reviews have been brought to one location.


Other Personal Recommendations include:

Big Kahuna Reef 2 – New release (Description as released)

Go Hawaiian all over again with Big Kahuna Reef 2: Chain Reaction! This spectacular and explosively charged match-game of adventure will captivate you as you dive with Humpback Whales, discovering new and exotic fish at every turn. Creative designers from around the world deliver over 750 delightful and fantastical levels! With its breathtaking effects, dynamic explosions and thousands of new levels to download online, what are you waiting for? Come back to an underwater paradise!
download Big Kahuna Reef 2!




“Urban Dictionary” accepted entry for “Nother” 6-2-2–6 submitted by Debra Ford

June 20th, 2006

“Urban Dictionary” accepted entry for “Nother” 6-2-2006 submitted by Debra Ford
Recent entry to the “Urban Dictionary”, by Debra Ford, for the tern “nother” was sparked by a reaction to the many occurrences of discussions about the term with no apparent understanding of the usage. It was immediately after replying to a thread at clipmarks, that she decided to put an entry herself. Directly after sending in the entry, she signed up to be an editor at the “Urban Dictionary.” she expects to more actively participate as an editor beginning July 2006.
Nother definition #2

1)Shortened version of the word “another“It actuality is a shortened version of “another” – which is used by many people, even those who practice using grammatical correctness. It occurs naturally when the person is speaking too fast, and the sound of the letter “a” comes across as: an out going breath of air, or at a much lower octave than usual; therefore sounding absent. To write, “nother” rather than “another” is actual a “written vocalization” to emphasize haste, or pertinence, which otherwise, needs an entire phrase or sentence to drive the point home. However, the colloquial frequency of the usage of “nother” slowly got carried into a variety of word groupings. As the letter “a” is phonetically an out going breath at a certain octave, a rapid speech makes the “a” inaudible as anything except for the breath. (likewise the letter e is an incoming breath at a different octave).It most frequently is found at the beginning of a sentence or directly after the word “And” as the second word of the sentence. By making the habit of trying to always say “and” before the word “another”, it often corrects the problem in hurried speech. In relaxed or hurried speech, when there is failure to articulate the “d” sound in the word, then the phrase “And another” (when rushed) becomes “An nother” which still sounds like “another” to the listener. This does not always work, the outcome heard is often “an_another” or “ananother” when heard, which is worse than just saying “nother.” It is quite possible that “another” is a word that was originally derived from the phrase “and other” as a transition in relaxed speech.2)”Nother” a variation of “other.” Often, in the more severe colloquial instances it is grouped in the middle of a sentence right after the word “no” in which case the “nother” is the equivalent of “other” Recently popular discussions about the very popular phrase “whole nother thing” fails to mention that this is a combination of relaxed annunciation and relaxed grammar. Where those who elect to write down the phrase put “whole nother thing” it is much more often pronounced: “whole nuddah thing” Which is just bad, all the way around. It is often used in personal story telling of a series events linked together, and adds flavor to the long winded conversationalists. It is more likely to be heard in an argument, when the whole emphasis is on not having one’s own view point contested. It is effective, because it is obvious that when someone says “nuddah” they aren’t concerned about being corrected or hearing your opinion. Where the “th” is replaced by dd (like a reversed Hispanic or Latin translation) It is found heavily used in areas that had a strong Euro-Spanish background, but are predominantly English speaking communities. For example “New Orleans, Louisiana.”
Sentence starters:”Nother thing …”"And nother thing is that..”"Nother time I….”"Nother way to go is…”"whole nother time” (pronounced nuddah and is most effective when you stretch out the word “whole” and “time”)”I ain’t gonna get no nother one of those, ever” (It is a highly mindful statement to reinforce the sense of commitment to the decision. Most users of such language also know quite well how to speak properly and do so when required)
tags: nother another nuddah ananother other
by Debra Ford aka debraford123 US Jun 2, 2006

Skyscape After The Storm – Copy of 437827291zJqwYE_ph from public news feed August 2005

June 19th, 2006

Copy of 437827291zJqwYE_ph
Originally uploaded by  also known as Debra Ford

123flickr. says:
This is a skyscape taken after hurricane Katrina Passes over the New Orleans area. The image was part of a photo group found amongst broadcast news feeds while tracking the storm. I will try to locate the original archive feed to see who submitted it. this image has been resized for premium transmission by D. Ford aka 123flickr
For embed codes and layout instructions using this image as background picture in Myspace layouts go to:

A posting with code and instruction for usage of this photo as a background image for a myspace profile page has been submitted to Public feed associated with the profile page  

URL Addresses & links for Slideshows and discussions on Artwork by Debra Ford

June 17th, 2006

Slideshow of Image posted at Debra Ford’s “Meet the Artist” can be found at :

Extended discussion of artworks can be found in the topics listed below:

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Entry for February 24, 2006

Other Blogs by Debra Ford aka debraford123 aka 123clipmarks aka 123codetester are:
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Pencil Color and Ink – “Sharpie” drawing from sketchbook 2000 by Debra Ford

June 17th, 2006

This sketch is actual just the corner border of a larger sketch done in 2000. As the sketchbook was started near the turn of the century there are many calendar themed drawings in the collection. The larger Drawing in this case is a dragon with the Chinese Calender years.

The corner border has been used as a background image at and as a tiled background at Extended details about the drawings will be entered at the “Meet The Artist” 360 Blogs with a simultaneous submission at

. The human a self portrait from the Flickr collection of “3amfromkyoto”

June 12th, 2006

. Thought .
Originally uploaded by 3amfromkyoto.

Though the effects were accidental It is remarkably similar to a relatively famous computer generated image, that I will post here as a followup. Even without the comparison this is a noteworthy image.

Good Links Clips from 123clipmarks

June 11th, 2006

Technorati Profile

Video Playlists

June 11th, 2006

Earth Wind and Fire – Playlist by debraford123
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Tina Turner Music Video Playlist by debraford123
Tina Turner Videos including rare performances with other music artist, hollywood music videos, appearances from the 70’s Videos frim Movies Like Golden eye (007), & Mad Max Thunderdome
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Guitar Players a debraford123 playlist
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Num Videos: 11

Matchbox 20 and Rob thomas Video Playlist by debraford123
Matchbox 20 Videos by Matchbox 20 and or Rob Thomas found at YouTube
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Num Videos: 7

Matrix Clips
Video clips from the matrix trilogy and other themed contents inclusive of parodies based on the series. A video Playlist by Debra Ford aka debraford123
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Num Videos: 15

nice flowers

June 11th, 2006

nice flowers
Originally uploaded by coolz0r.

This is a very nice treatment of capturing the “Blue Moon Flower.” This picture is most likely taken in the morning facing the the east. As moon flowers close during the day and are rarely visible in full sun light. The thicket behind this particular group of flowers provides adequate shade to allow the flowers to remain open. As a vine plant that is particularly fond of fences and narrow trunked trees, the flowers on the eastward facing side of the fence would be already closed for the day.

debraford123 aka 123flickr

22 Reasons why you should blogging – (simultaneous posting)

May 22nd, 2006

You have a profile page, you post bulletins, and even have one or two other sites for your business, organization, service or  band…So why do you need to blog?

1)The file structure of the blog network is set up especially well for archiving. Other networks refer to this as a “permalink” which is the actual address of the actual file, not the database assignment for the blog and your personal ID.

2)The format is neater and faster to retrieve – therefore easier to be catalogued by search engines.

3) If you save a copy of the actual file address you can still retrieve the file even if the file is deleted by system administrators from the database,  unless they really don’t like you and spend a 4 hours trying to get rid of the file. 

4) If you put all your notices in bulletins you have to make special arrangements to get news releases out. 

5) RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS Feeds can be collected by anyone who has a feed reader.

6) Almost every Internet Provider has home pages that allow you to add a feed to your normal home page with the rss address you get above the blog. 

7) The RSS feed only shows up when there are posts. With a feed reade,r a person can get all the missed feeds from your page in a nice abridged list.

8) Believe it or not some people refuse to come to myspace, or your other private networks. But, they  may love you enough to add a feed to their browser or reader just to keep up with your progress.

9) Every news headline that you read has been sent somewheres by rss.  Your local newspapers have the ability to subscribe directly to your out going feeds and have your “Band” or “special interest” group show up as local news.

10) You have the ability to select whether your blog is Public, just for friends, a preferred list, or private diary

11) People on different blog networks usually have a “blog this” button which will copy a protected “quote”  from your blog with a linkback or track back url link to your site.  That way people would re-post and circulate your newsworthy topics for you.

12) If the only thing you ever change is new information in a bulletin, you have taken away many people’s reason to revisit your page that has those links to your commercial sites.  Most people won’t subscribe to your page but, if they know you blog, they would visit your page more often.

13) There are many days that I and the rest of the people here will not want to go through 20 – 100 pages of bulletins to find out what you are doing.  By being able to subscribe to your blog, a nice convenient dated list of all subscribed blogs shows up and a little red word “new” is next to any entries not yet read.  Very easy.

14) The Blog Editor allows you to copy and paste either in code or WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get). The bulletin only lets you enter in the format where you see the code.

15) A nice way to look at the code for something is to highlight and copy the whole item you need the code for,   open the blog editor, paste it in the window, check the box to show the code and wahlah! you can then copy it to your notepad to save it for later use or copy the coded material into your actual profile page, —like video players and stuff.  It is so much easier to deliver code to you that way.

16) Selfishly, I won’t have to write a new set of instructions to give you codes if you only try to use your blog editors. Thank you.  The other option is to just send you to the same places I went for the instructions (It takes time, not always fun)

17) Instead of reposting everything you can put a list of links in your blog to the other blogs that have the info you want to share – That’s a link back.  Just make a point to say more than “Check this out.  (Frankly I don’t just follow links without having any idea what it’s for, give clues)

18) If you have more than one group with multiple moderators, all of your group leaders can subscribe to your post and deliver timely notices to their group members.  That way your nice little helpers don’t have to run to each and every group to deliver the same messages over and over and over again.

19)  If people only check in once or twice a month they have missed most of your bulletins since they only last 10 days. ( by the way sent mail messages are also deleted every two weeks…so unless you have saved a message or left it in the in box or received a reply, It’s gone.)

20) Because of the format and the ease of cataloging blogs the priority of where it shows up in the search list is much higher.  By definition and rules for blog platforms, most of the necessary qualifications for a page to be searched have already been met.


21) Additional steps can be made to register your blogs.  As this is a private network your tags are preset by my space.  By individually registering your blogs you can appoint a new set of tags to your blogs.  Each tag category you register will be catalogued as an entry into that category each time you blog regardless of the topic.


Example:  I want to feature 36 bands/artist, I have 9 blog sites, If I dedicate 4 tags of my 20 to the name of an individual band or musician, than every time I send out a public blog about any topic, the band or artist name also gets catalogued.  Every time I mention the name of the group in that blog that has a tag on that blog register it gets extra points for relevancy.  These things push your name up higher on the list in search engines.

22) If the only thing that shows up when you run your name through the search engine is your page and the 20 pages you left comments on…You Should Be Blogging.  (Unless you really don’t care if the world finds your commercial pages while casually using a search engines) Your goal should be that your profile pages and commercial pages show up side by side in a search list, and hopefully on the first page when you search.  Sure you can spend lost of money to have your name stay on the list (and I do mean Lots of money)

This complete entry was written, formatted and posted by Debra Ford aka debraford123 and will be posted simultaneously at 5 different blog sites on May 21, 2006.  If you reuse this file information either use it in it’s entirety with the reference to the author or else use only a brief quote with a link back to the original source. Thank you,

Debra Ford -Writer – Content Publisher


Slight editing or updating may be done by the original author without notice.

IRS – Fed Tax Forms and Information Online

April 13th, 2006
1040 Central

2005 Tax Table
Check Out Free File
e-file for Business and Self-Employed Taxpayers
e-file for Charities & Nonprofits
e-file for Individual Taxpayers
e-file for Individual Taxpayers

e-file for Large and Mid-Size Corporations

EITC Assistant
Electronic Payment Options

Extension of Time to File Your Tax Return
Filing Information
Filing your taxes was never easier!
Form 1040
Form 1040EZ
Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Income Tax Return
Form W-4
Frequently Asked Questions
FTA Page
Help for Hurricane Victims
< f1040ez.pdf-portlet=3
Inst. Schedule A & B
Internal Revenue Service
IRS – The Basics
living outside the United States
More Forms and Publications
out of the country when your 6-month extension expires
Phishing, Identity Theft and Scams
Tax Relief in Disaster Situations
color=..0000ff> Transmitters
Where to File – Tax Exempt and Government Entities
Where to File Addresses for Individual Taxpayers By State
Where to File Addresses for Tax Professionals By State
Where to File Tax Returns – Addresses Listed by Return Type


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